• Student documentary about Daily Bread Low Sodium Bakery

    Some local students did a documentary on our bakery for their class project.

    We think it turned out pretty good!
  • Products We Make

    Here are examples of low sodium products we make or have made at our bakery. If you don't see it in our shop just ask, we can probably make it for you!

    To place a special order for in-house pickup please call a day or 2 in advance (2 days for cakes and pies, one day for just about everything else). We will take a 50% deposit at the time of your order and the rest can be paid when you pick it up (pick up is after noon).

    To place a special order to ship simply email us and let us know what you are looking for. We will create an invoice for you to pay easily online. --please note that not all items ship well! We will be able to tell you when you place your request.

    All our products are low or no sodium. Many can be made gluten free, dairy free, sugar free or even vegan. We try to accommodate special dietary restrictions whenever possible.
  • Daily Bread Low Sodium Bakery in the News

    Originally published 10/28/15. See original article here.

    STANDISH — When Ahura Diliiza’s physician told him he had hypertension and needed to cut out salt, Diliiza figured he’d better listen. But he wasn’t happy about it. He used salt on everything.

    “No salt?” Diliiza said, describing his reaction to the doctor’s orders. “That means no this, no that. Of course you have that moment where ‘My life is over.’ ”

    Trying to Trim Salt
    Eventually, he came around, went on a diet and at the same time cut out salt completely. Over eight months, he lost 75 pounds. And he began to do some research.

    “I went to the grocery stores and read how much salt is in everything, and I was totally appalled,” Diliiza said. “It’s no wonder people have such high-sodium diets.”