We make salt free goods to ship all over the United States--fresh-baked and now prepackaged mixes!

We are a small, family-owned micro business creating fresh, salt free baked goods (and now prepackaged mixes!) that we ship all over the country.

Our Story:
Daily Bread Bakery was started in 2015 by Ahura Z. Diliiza in response to the lack of low sodium bread in stores. He has always felt that bread is the most basic of foods and no one should have to worry about the sodium content of their bread.

With his talent for creating unique and delicious flavors he knew that he could make flavorful breads without any salt that would be safe for even the most sodium restricted eaters! Thus, he opened Daily Bread Low Sodium Bakery to serve the low sodium community. 

Nowadays our operations are almost totally online. Even though we no longer run a physical storefront, we still ship our fresh baked (and now some prepackaged!) goods all over the country. So you can have our products delivered to you anywhere in the United States!

Click on our Blog button at the top of the page to read the article published in the Portland Press Herald about Ahura and Daily Bread Bakery in 2015, and to see a student documentary made about us in 2018. 


We use absolutely no salt in any of our products. 

Zero. Zilch. Nada. None.

The only sodium present is that which exists naturally in the basic ingredients. 
Therefore, our products are as low in sodium as they can possibly be!

We also do not use high potassium salt substitutes to make things taste salty. So there's no weird, bitter aftertaste in our foods.

That means everyone can enjoy our products--even our most sodium restricted customers!

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